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April 7, 2017 by visitkanfanar


Maklavun tumulus lies on the top of the same name hill, near village of Sošići (between Kanfanar and Rovinj). It is believed that this tumulus 3 500 to 4 000 years old. Its constructions is similar to the old Mikena buildings. Besides the funeral chambers (tholos), there is also an entrance hall (dromos). It is believed that this was the first solar observatory in Croatia because the dromos position is directed to the winter solstice.


Ever since the prehistorical times caves and semi-caves of Lim Valley have served as natural sanctuaries for the first hunters and gatherers, while the fruitful valley with numerous water springs made this area convenient for living.

Kašteljir is a fort near Kanfanar with a sequence of smaller water springs nearby, as well as with the ruins of the St. Jacob the Apostle church and the church of st. Agatha. In the past, the location of Kašteljir was of interest because it was situated on the road of strategic importance, which led through the Lim Valley, from the sea (Lim Channel), towards the inland of Istria.

The oldest archaeological finds –  some pieces of pots –  are the major proof that the area of Kašteljir used to be inhabited in the Roman times. According to the finds, life returned again in the end of the 9th century, when a Benedictine convent was founded nearby.