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Natural cosmetics

April 7, 2017 by visitkanfanar

Lavender, dwarf everlast, honey, propolis (bee glue), creams…

It the small Istraorganic laboratory there is always something new to be made. After the bees do their part, it is time for the hard-working people to combine bee products with typical Istrian medicinal and aromatic herbs and in doing so create high quality natural cosmetic products.

If you wish to purchase some of the Istraorganic products, you will be introduced to an interesting theme park showing a typical Istrian field with a drywall, as well as taken to a shop where you can observe the entire process of creating Istraorganic products and find out what makes these products so different and special.


Istraorganic product line contains:

-day cream (organic avocado oil, organic argania oil, organic wheat seedling oil, honey, propolis and lavender)

-mother and baby cream (organic shea butter, organic wheat seedling oil, organic almond oil, honey and lavender)

-day time anti-aging face cream (organic argania oil, organic rose hip oil, organic wheat seedling oil, honey, propolis (bee glue) and dwarf everlast)

-night time anti-aging face cream (organic evening star oil, organic grape seed oil, organic argania oil, honey, propolis and dwarf everlast)

-hydrolates of lavender and dwarf everlast

-bee products (honey, propolis (bee glue))



Address: 16A Rujna St., Kanfanar

Contact: 098 161 5547

Web page: