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Home of istrian ox and fusi

April 7, 2017 by visitkanfanar

There are many attractions that Kanfanar Municipality is known for, such as ruins of a medieval town Dvigrad, beautiful green-blue oasis of Lim Bay (Limski kanal), numerous archaeological sites, sacral heritage, local products…

But, when thinking about brending our municipality, we decided to point out the need to care about the most vulnerable parts of Istrian cultural and traditional heritage. As a home of Istrian ox and fuzi, we want people to know about the importance of the role that Istrian ox (boškarin) once had in this peninsula. A special connection between boškarin and Kanfanar started in 90’s when first Istrian ox exhibition was held here. At that time, these animals were extremely endangered and the intention of this event was to warn about the need to do more to protect them.

On the other hand, our attention is focused on fuzi – the queen of Istrian pasta. Fuzi are the most typical Istrian pasta and they have been an indispensable part of every holiday table in Istrian households. This type of pasta is always being prepared for specail occasions in Istria. The story about fuzi also started from Kanfanar, when in 1987 „Klara M“ factory started to produce Istrian pasta. Since then, „Klara M“ is a synonym for good, quality and traditionally produced Istrian pasta.

Istrian ox and fuzi are a central part of Kanfanar’s biggest event Jakovlja and there you can truly experience how Istria once looked like.

We invite you to be curious and discover what makes our municipality so special.